Training Structure

One of the questions that comes up in a consultation with a new client, is what their training sessions might look like. This blog piece is a general overview of how I structure my client’s training sessions.

1.       Foundation setting

This is the time for me to start getting to know you, your body awareness, flexibility, strengths, weaknesses and mobility. It is also the time I start implementing correct movement patterns and muscle activation techniques. This ensures that from day one you are maximising your workouts and minimising your injury risk.


2.       Loading Stage

The next step is to start upping the load whilst maintaining good form. This is to increase your muscle mass that overtime leads to a greater daily consumption of calories and a more toned, athletic appearance. This stage also includes improving endurance, mobility and good range of motion, whilst also ensuring you are growing in knowledge surrounding proper nutrition, rest and recovery.


3.       Ongoing Progression

Once good challenging loads are being lifted with correct form and your mobility and flexibility are progressing and not being compromised, we start mixing up. This will include incorporating varying forms of training techniques to ensure you don’t get bored and to keep your body guessing, pushing and most importantly moving forward and not plateauing.


It is important to stress, that all factors of an individual’s life area taken into account when creating programmes. At times this may include regression or a change of focus, so the above is a general overview of what you can expect from your training structure at Synergy with Amy. Nothing is set in stone, not even your fitness, so if you’d like to learn about truly personal training sessions, please get in touch at or on 07795 600080.