Welcome to Synergy

Welcome to my new website.

You may be wondering why I chose the name Synergy?


The name Synergy Personal Training evolved to convey my approach to personal training, which does not solely focus on workouts.


Part of my enjoyment of being a personal trainer is the study of how so many factors affect us and our potential results when trying to make, and maintain, change.


Being well and feeling your best stems from a combination of a whole host of things, such as the nutrition your body needs to function optimally, challenging and effective exercise and working to ensure regenerative and restorative sleep. For women, it also includes understanding how fluctuating hormones impact on weight loss/gain, motivation and energy - but more on that another time.


Whilst these are just some of the things that can make a healthier and happier life, they are a good place to start. Achieving the best quality of life possible is what I want for everyone I work with, which means different things for different people. Training with me will include getting to understand how all these different elements of your life impact on each other, so you move forward better equipped to achieve success.


I look forward to working with you!